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Brookfield Weight Loss

Finding the Right Solution

Keys to Success

  • FDA approved medication
  • Nutrition and fitness consulting
  • Weight loss tools
  • Hormone therapy
  • Testosterone therapy
  • Vitamin injections
  • Medication on-site, if needed
  • Doctor exam and support

Every year, tens of thousands of people fail at diets. In recent years, there has been much hype about products that will cause permanent weight loss without your changing any habits. This is simply not true.

There isn’t one single product that can magically make you lose and keep weight off. Science and the human body don’t work like that!

Working with Your Body

The doctor-supervised weight loss program at HealthWorks Wellness Center will provide you the tools and support you need to achieve successful long-term weight loss.

The program will also require regular in-office check-ups to evaluate your progress and to address any questions or concerns you have during your weight loss journey.

Our doctors believe in combining food choice, portion control, behavior modification and physical activity with FDA approved medications to suppress your appetite, give you energy and burn fat.

Our program is effective and our main mission is patient satisfaction. That involves a complex, yet easy to use, web application where patients can track their calories, exercise and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Study

Interested in learning about participating in a Weight Loss Study? Contact us today to see if you qualify. You can learn more by downloading this information brochure: Weight Loss Study

Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to see if this program is right for you.

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