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Physical Medicine

Trigger Point Treatment

Trigger points are hyperirritable tight bands of muscles commonly referred to as knots. They cause discomfort, restricted movement, muscle weakness and radiating pain. Two treatment options are available.

The fastest results come from Trigger Point Injections, which are administered with a numbing agent. If you dislike needles, we’ll use a hands-on approach including physical therapy, myofascial release and manual trigger point therapy to relieve your pain.

Joint Injections

Injections are available for shoulder, elbow, knee, foot and ankle pain, and can help treat pain and restore joints to their normal function. Knee injections include a natural lubricant to restore movement.

Headache and Migraine Treatment

The SPG Nerve Block is a new procedure that has been shown to help patients get out of the chronic migraine and headache cycle. The painless and simple treatment works almost instantly to relieve your pain and involves a series of treatments that will get rid of your headaches, permanently.

Disc Decompression

People experiencing severe back problems including disc bulge, herniation and spinal stenosis can see a great benefit from a series of decompression sessions designed to reduce inflammation and give life back to your discs. This treatment is comfortable and relaxing, giving a small stretch to your problem area and alleviating pressure. Supplementation with physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments may be recommended as well.

Non-narcotic Prescription Management

Our doctors will help you manage your prescriptions. Medications are available to help you through the acute stage of care.

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